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AlkaLife® pH Support Click Here for 3-6 Bottles (SKU: 10053002353)AlkaLife® pH Support Click Here for 3-6 Bottles (SKU: 10053002353)The original pH booster drops since 1992. Turn ordinary water into alkaline water. Alkalife helps reduce excess acid in the body by increasing alkaline (pH) levels and replenishing bicarbonates. Feel better and maximize your immune system with Alkalife's patented formula.
AlkaLife Health & Wellness DVD Product (SKU: DVD-01)AlkaLife Health & Wellness DVD Product (SKU: DVD-01)This 1 hour video is packed with valuable information from Sang Whang inventor of AlkaLife. It covers the scientific approach to the understanding and maintenance of health.
AquaION pH Test Kit (SKU: 068)AquaION pH Test Kit (SKU: 068)The AquaION pH test kit is the perfect way to test your water for alkalinity. This kit comes with everything you need to see your water's alkalinity in vivid color.
Home/Urine & Saliva pH Test Tape (SKU: 067)Home/Urine & Saliva pH Test Tape (SKU: 067)The Hydrion pH products requested for testing urine pH and saliva pH are our short range pH papers. These pH paper rolls are ¼ in. x 15 ft. Each roll will give the user approximately 100 tests. Home/Urine & Saliva pH Testing The Hydrion pH products requested for testing urine pH and saliva pH are our short range pH papers testing around neutral pH 7.00
Exclzyme-Original Systemic Enzyme 90 Caps (SKU: EZyme90)Exclzyme-Original Systemic Enzyme 90 Caps (SKU: EZyme90)Treatment for PAIN & Inflammation...Total body inflammation support- Exclzyme supports overall metabolic health- Exclzyme supports healthy blood circulation & cleansing- Recovery from muscle soreness- Exclzyme supports Joint and tendon health. 90 Capsules Improved Formula Strength-30% Great Product! Great Price! Our Eclzyme 450 Capsule bottle offers FREE S/H.
Exclzyme-Original Systemic Enzyme 450 Caps (SKU: EZyme 450)Exclzyme-Original Systemic Enzyme 450 Caps (SKU: EZyme 450)Free Shipping in USA for Exclzyme! Treatment for PAIN & Inflammation...Total body inflammation support- Exclzyme supports overall metabolic health- Exclzyme supports healthy blood circulation & cleansing- Recovery from muscle soreness- Exclzyme supports Joint and tendon health. 450 Capsules Improved Formula Strength-30% Great Product! Great Price!
Vitalzym Enzymes 360 Liquid Gel Caps (SKU: 65710)Vitalzym Enzymes 360 Liquid Gel Caps (SKU: 65710)Vitalzym- Systemic Enzymes are the biocatalysts necessary for the chemical reactions associated with breathing, growth, reproduction, digestion, and all other metabolic functions. Vitalzym-Free Shipping in USA. We market 360 & 180 capsules.
AlkaLife® pH Support
The original pH booster for an alkaline body - since 1992
Remove acidic waste and promote health and longevity with Alkalife’s patented formula.

Supercharge Your Body
  • The original, patented pH booster drops
  • Helps your body detox, fight acidosis and stay alkaline
  • Optimal combination of alkaline minerals
  • Clinically tested to be most effective formula.
Everyone accumulates acid waste in different places; therefore, each individual exhibits different symptoms.

Below is a partial list of symptoms eliminated and / or improved, as reported by users of AlkaLife.
  • Acid Reflux                    
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Fibromyalgia
  • High Cholesterol
  • Lack of Energy
  • Obseity
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Gout
  • High Triglycerides
  • Migraine
  • Osteoporosis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Stones
  • Morning Sickness
  • Stomach Problems
AlkaLife reduces acidic accumulations in the body; they are not medicines to cure any diseases.
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We market AlkaLife, AlkaLife drops & fatique,
AlkaLife drops review, or AlkaLife drops Whang?

Google's definition of bicarbonate:
Bicarbonate is the most important buffer in the blood and prevents blood from becoming too acidic.

What is alkaline water? 
What are the alkaline water benefits?

Golden Illumination is so proud to share with you Sang Whang's Video! It has valuable information from Sang Whang the inventor of AlkaLife. A must to view if taking AlkaLife! 
Sang Whang, engineer, scientist, and inventor with many US patents improved his own health without medicine, diet or exercise caused him to investigate the phenomenon. It led him to the discovery of his scientific theory of how the human body ages, and of simple methods to reverse, slow, or stop aging. He also invented the battery charger for the human body...AlkaLife!

Important asked questions about Alkalife® products

What happens if I take more than 3 drops of Alkalife in one cup?
That is not a problem, but if you put more than 3 drops in one cup, you may taste some bitterness due to the high concentration of minerals. 
Are there any negative side effects?
Some people report minor headaches for a couple of days in the beginning. It could be a sign of detoxification. The Japanese have been drinking alkaline water for over 50 years without any side effects. 
How long does a bottle of AlkaLife last?
A bottle of AlkaLife can last up to 2 1/2 months if taken 8 drops a day (per person). 
Can I use the AlkaLife drops in Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water?
The answer is yes, but there is something to note. RO filtered water and distilled water are acidic because the water is so pure. It leaches carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When you put AlkaLife drops in it, the carbon dioxides act as a buffer and the pH will not go up. Interesting to note, if you put the recommended dosage of AlkaLife in a pot of water and then boil that pot of water, the carbon dioxide will evaporate and the water will maintain the alkaline minerals, resulting in high pH alkaline water. 
Can children drink alkaline water with AlkaLife?
Yes, but reduce the number of drops per day in proportion to the child’s body weight. E.g., 10 drops a day for a child of 60 lbs., or 2 glasses a day with the recommended dosage of 4 drops per 8 oz. glass. 
Does AlkaLife replace my medications?
AlkaLife does not replace any medicine. Three drops of AlkaLife added to a glass of ordinary drinking water changes the water to alkaline water with a pH value of 9.0 to 10.0 depending upon the original source of water. Alkaline water made by AlkaLife has neither nutritional value nor any medicinal value. Alkalife only serves to neutralize the excess body acid and improve blood circulation without any blood thinner. Alkaline water is not known to adversely affect any medicine. 
What if I get AlkaLife in my eyes?
As the warning on the bottle says, flush the eye with regular water. We recommend that you place your AlkaLife bottle seperately from your eye dropper medicine. 
How does alkaline water help me?
Alkaline water has no nutritional value to give us energy or medicinal value to cure any disease; it neutralizes the acidic waste in our body. Acidic waste thickens our blood and impedes blood circulation as we age. By neutralizing and reducing acidic wastes, alkaline water improves blood circulation. Improvement of the blood circulation gives us more energy and eliminates many disease symptoms. Alkaline water is the most natural way to improve our health without any medicine. 
How much water do I need to drink and when? 
We recommend 4 drops of AlkaLife 2x per day. 4 drops of AlkaLife Upon Rising and 4 drops of AlkaLife in Late Afternoon. Upon Rising, place 4 drops of AlkaLife in 8oz. of water and drink another 8 ounces of plain water to flush the kidneys from the night before. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your alkaline water, drink it between meals and in fasting (before breakfast). When drinking on an empty stomach, it allows for a maximum production of bicarbonates in the body. If you retain fluids 65 ounces per day. The bottle suggests to take more but we have found that 8 drops per day is plenty. We have been taking this product everyday, since 2007.
How long do we need to drink alkaline water?
As long as we eat food, we produce acidic waste; therefore, we need to take in high pH alkaline water to keep our bodies balanced. Environmental pollution, stress, and lack of sleep all contribute to acid production in our body. To live more healthy lives, we need to replenish those bicarbonates to the blood stream. 
What is the difference between alkaline water made by a water ionizer and that made by AlkaLife?
They are the same as far as the effects on neutralizing acids, as long as the pH values are the same. The difference is the alkaline minerals in the water. 
Is hard water bad for health?
Hard water is water with a high content of calcium. It leaves scale residue inside the water pipes and is bad for washing machines and dishwashers. People use water softeners to replace the calcium with sodium to lower the water’s calcium content. Hard water is healthier for the body than soft water; therefore, a respectable water softener company brings a separate pipeline to the kitchen for drinking water use. If you have a water ionizer to make alkaline water, hard water will provide strong alkaline water. However, extreme hard water could shorten the life of the water ionizer. It is believed that extremely hard water is highly alkaline and does not need a water ionizer; a simple charcoal filter could do to produce healthy alkaline water. 
Is it safe for me to use acid water on my skin?
Healthy human skin is acidic to kill bacteria. The dirt accumulated on the skin is acidic. We use soap to wash dirt away, but this also removes the acidity of the skin. To replenish the acid on the skin, I rinse the skin with acid water. Acid water is made by the water ionizer that makes alkaline water and acid water by splitting alkaline minerals and acid minerals from the tap. AlkaLife only adds more alkaline concentrates to the water to make the water alkaline, so it cannot make acid water, nor can it remove the acid minerals in the water. 
What is wrong with drinking baking soda water? Isn’t that also alkaline water?
Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Adding it to drinking water does not raise the pH value of the water. If you drink it, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach will react with it and reduce the sodium bicarbonate to sodium chloride, sodium salt (NaCl), and water and carbon dioxide. You just increased the salt intake. Since it does not increase the stomach fluid pH, the stomach will not produce hydrochloric acid like alkaline water does. It is the production of hydrochloric acid by the stomach that also produces bicarbonate and interjects it to the blood stream as a byproduct. Drinking baking soda water does not help the body but just adds more sodium salt to the body. 
Is it OK to boil alkaline water?
Yes. Unlike acid minerals, alkaline minerals do not evaporate under heat. That’s why we can add AlkaLife drops into coffee, tea and even cook with it, and still get the benefits of alkalinity! 
What is the shelf life of Alkaline Water?
The shelf life of alkaline water depends upon the grade of plastic material in which the water is poured into. The primary reason why the pH value goes down is due to the infiltration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the plastic. After consumption, the lungs can exhale the carbon dioxide from the water, and partial alkalinity may be restored. On the other hand if you use a glass jar, the shelf life can be as long as up to several months. 
Does a mother’s milk pH change if she drinks alkaline water?
No. Drinking alkaline water does not even change the pH of the blood. Therefore, the milk pH does not change. What does change in the mother’s body, is that she adds more bicarbonates to her blood. One cannot supply alkalinity to a baby giving the mother alkaline water. The baby has to drink it. I recommend to feed the baby much diluted alkaline water to start with, such as 3 drops in a quart of water and gradually increase it to 8 to 12 drops in a quart of water. 
Can I give alkaline water to my dog or cat?
Yes, animals also create acid waste after they eat. 
I don’t like to drink water, can I put AlkaLife in my tea or coffee instead?
In actuality, yes you can, but it is ideal to put AlkaLife in water with a pH of 7.0 in order to achieve a pH of 10.0 when adding AlkaLife. 
Are AlkaLife products FDA approved?
AlkaLife, Alkaline booster is not a food or medicine; therefore, FDA does not approve nor disapprove of it. However, FDA wants to know if  it is toxic when consumed as directed. Alkaline water made by AlkaLife is tested to be non-toxic according to tests conducted by an FDA approved independent testing lab, following FDA approved test procedures. 
Will your products help cataracts?
Cataracts are acid salts building in your eyes. As we get old, or as we stress our eyes, phosphoric acid or uric acid builds up in our eyes. Since these acids are poisonous, the body supplies calcium to neutralize the poisonous acids and they become acid salts such as phosphate, or urate. These acid salts are not soluble and form opaque build-ups, called cataracts. Bicarbonates supplied by AlkaLife should dissolve acid salt in time. Alkaline water made by a water ionizer or coral-calcium is based upon calcium based alkaline water. Calcium cannot kick out calcium. Alkaline water made with AlkaLife is based upon potassium and sodium, which are stronger alkaline minerals than calcium, and they can kick out calcium from the acid salt. A water softener uses this principle to kick out calcium from hard water using sodium salt. Kidney stones dissolve better by AlkaLife made alkaline water. When potassium or sodium kicks out calcium, potassium or sodium combines with phosphoric acid or uric acid. Fortunately, potassium or sodium compounds are very soluble, not like calcium, and they can be discharged easily into the blood stream. It would take time, but with patience, you should see improvements. How long it would take depends upon how long and how much build-up there is. If the cataracts are in an earlier stage of development it may take less time. The best thing to do is to make the body alkaline so that it doesn’t even develop acid salts. Prevention is much better than treatment. 
How soon would I feel the effect(s) of drinking alkaline water or taking the alkaline booster tablets?
It depends on the individual and the kind of symptoms you have. Many customers experience relief of gout pain, acid reflux, morning sickness, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, high altitude sickness, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Some people feel the effects immediately (such as morning sickness and high altitude sickness). Some symptoms, such as high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, may take several weeks or even months. If you don’t feel any symptoms, you may not notice any effect. However, rest assured that the bicarbonates, by way of AlkaLife®,  is neutralizing acidic wastes accumulated somewhere in your body. Remember that cancer cells are also acidic and thrive in an acidic environment. 
What about antacids, such as Tums, instead of AlkaLife?
Antacids are for temporary relief of excess stomach acid only, not for continued consumption to neutralize excess accumulated acidic wastes throughout our body. Drinking water with AlkaLife are lifestyle changes; it’s a daily preventative practice over time to maintain good health. With all the ingredients in antacids, it is not recommended for long-term use. 


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