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Golden Illumination offers products and information on energized water, how to make energized water, and energized drinking water.

Turn your tap water into delicious, revitalized, and rejuvenating water!
Wand-Energize & Purify Water

This Wand is filled with Magnasoil, a "paramagnetic" (non-polar) soil with high electron activity. Many say that magnetism can help neutralize certain kinds of pain in the body.
Contaminants are negative polarity, low frequencies in otherwise pure water. Many contaminants come from misguided attempts to clean water chemically or electrically. The Wand revitalizes the water thus reversing polarity and increasing the megahertz frequency which changes the molecular structure of the water.
The combination of the length of the Wand and the copper wire on the outside create a precision length based on the "Pi" ratio.

The crystal inside one end of the
Wand helps to enable the energy to be directed. The Wand's casing, consists of pure copper, fastened together with non-toxic /lead-free solder.

“The balanced “highly paramagnetic” contents in the Wand provides measurable improvements in pH, alkalinity, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity and megahertz frequency.
Few of us have heard of paramagnetism. This is the tendency of certain non-magnetic materials to be drawn into a magnetic field. Combinations of certain natural elements can create this force. The fields involved in this science are often called Intrinsic Data Fields and are measured with a special analyzer.
Generally, the higher frequencies in water are better for the human body.
The Wand has unusual properties. Intrinsic Data Field vitality, like the megahertz frequency and the level of paramagnetism, is very high. This means the device can help heal water, plants, food, etc. All indications are that the Wand can help purify virtually anything in its four-foot radius field.

Purify your drinking water, juice, coffee, tea, wine, or virtually any liquid using proven techniques of quantum mechanics. The Wand water purifier clears a glass or a gallon of liquid in a very short period of time. Feel and see the difference in your skin and how your body feels after drinking, and bathing in this water...more energy, relaxed, softer and smoother skin.
Installation: Attach the Wand on the main cold water line coming into the home, apartment or RV. Treat all your house water for drinking, bathing, cooking or cleaning. Your plants and pets will benefit, too! Plants are stronger and more disease-resistant. Pets will often prefer treated water to tap water. They will feel better and be healthier.

Please Note: We recommend drinking 6-7 eight-ounce glasses per day. 
We supply you with 2 nylon tie wraps that you use to attach the Wand to your incoming cold water supply.

Click here for Q & A about the Wand.

Call us if you have any questions: 866-650-6086.

Measures: Approximately 6" long x 1/2" wide. The shell is made of copper.

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