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Meta-Oxy Redox Reaction Kit (SKU: MetaKit01)Meta Oxy reacts in the presence of Malondialdehyde (and other aldehydes). Compare samples to the chart in the kit for semi-quantitative/ qualitative analysis. The darker color indicates higher concentrations of malondialdehyde in the sample.

By Robin Powell

Results after taking MoRS...this surfaced on my husband's skin, on the leftside of his body. We were shocked!

In 2007, we took my husband to the Emergency Room. He had terrible pain.

The results of the Xrays: He had a collapsed lung from previously falling in our shower in our new home. His lung was inflated in the Emergency Room. This picture was where the Doctor inflated his lung.

We had never seen this on his skin until he took the MoRS. The MoRS brought this outbreak to the surface through detoxifing his body. I treated this area topically for the inflammation and pain, and gave him a product for the staph infection that I was able to identify. It had been dormant!

A few weeks later, the pain, inflammation and infection were almost gone. Outrageous Product! The white spot is dry skin and ready to fall off taken from a picture ... 6/6/11. Cleanse cells for sure with MoRS!

Call to order or for further information about MORS. 866-650-6086.

Golden Illumination markets MORS
for cellular nutrition, 
starvation nutrition cellular level, vital cellular nutrition.

Methylation Donor

Call to order MoRS: 866-650-6086

Understanding the relationship between humans and their environments is becom­ing increasingly important, especially given the new research findings in nutrigenomics*, epigenomics* and metabolomics*. Mainte­nance of our genome, epigenome, hormones, metabolites and detox pathways require fi­delity in the methylation cycle. (Definition of the ‘omics’ are on back.) 

• Turn On and Off Genes 

• Detoxify Cellular Waste
• Repair Cell Communications 

Methylation is dependent upon the availabili­ty of dietary folates, Vitamin B12, methionine, betaine, choline and other micro nutrients

Nutrient deficiency at a cellular level is one of the most shocking risk factors that disrupts the methlyation processes. Also, our lifestyle, diet, and environment pose numerous risks and can cause epigenetic damage. A number of animal studies have shown that reduced methylation ultimately leads to developmen­tal and degenerative diseases as well as heart disease

• Anxiety 
• Mood Disorders (Depression) 
• Sleep Disorders 
• Heart Issues
• Estrogen Dominance & Increased Toxic Estrogen
•Inability to Adapt to Stress 
• Premature Aging 


MoRS is the answer to that question!

Our newest product being introduced into the cellular healing program is MoRS (Meth­ylation Donor). 

MoRS was developed to improve genome health and maintenance in individuals with specific genetic backgrounds and environmen­tal exposures. It is becoming increasingly evi­dent that we can influence the negative impact of our environment and nutrient deficiency on our epigenome and cellular pathways by sup­plementation, thus turning back the clock. In fact, MoRS is formulated to support the repair and rebuilding of cellular vitality therefore, im­proving longevity and an overall healthy body. 

• Nutrition for Reversing the Damage to Your Genes 
• Provide Nutritional Switches for Turning Genes On and Off 
• Support Telomere Stability 
• Supply Critical Nutrients to Potentially Compensate for Small Genetic Polymor­phisms 
• Unparalleled Cellular Metabolic Detoxifier 

MoRS ingredients are clinically studied to sup­port methylation, telomere stability and cellu­lar detox. MoRS is made even more effective because we have added powerful herbs creat­ing the most comprehensive methylation, telo­mere support cellular detox formula. 

Call to order MORS: 866-650-6086


Systemic Formulas Dr. Shayne Morris' passion for nutri-metabolomic research helped develop the paradigm shifting product, MoRS. It is the finest methylation formula and is critical for nutritional support of intracellular and epigenetic healing.


5-MTHF/VitB9; Methylcobalamin/VitB12; Niacinamide; Riboflavin-5-phosphate; Magnesium Malate; Zinc chelate;Vitamin C; Se Methionine; Pyridoxine Alpha-Ketoglutarate; Molybdenum Chelate; Biotin

Proprietary Methyl Blend
Potassium Phosphate Dibasic; Betaine HCI (TMG); Choline Bitartrate; Astragalus (Extract); Pyruvate; Genistiein; RNA (Ribonucleic Acid); Serine; Carnosine; Boron Chelate; Intrinsic Factor

Proprietary Matrix Blend
Curcumin; Green tea; Theanine; Bioflavanoids; Carnitine; Ribose; Pedra hume (Lf); Cyani (Fl); Brain RNA/DNA ; Angelica (Rt); Yellow dock (Hb); Duodenal RNA/DNA; Huckleberry (Lf); Pancreas RNA/DNA; Allantoin

Other ingredients: Gelatin; Lactose; Mg Stearate (Veg); Stearic (Veg)


1-3 capsules up to twice per day, or as directed. Increase the amount of liquids you drink while taking this product.

Without food:

Meta-Oxy Redox Reaction KitReceive 1 FREE Meta Oxy test kit when ordering 1 bottle of MoRS 
Call 866-650-6086 to Order One Kit of 12 Tests. $168 +S/H

The alarming news is that everyone, even people with healthy lifestyles, are suffering from excessive damage to their cells by free-radicals. Lipid peroxidation affects not only the cardiovascular system but the cell membranes throughout the body.

We live and die at the cellular level. When oxidized by free radicals, cell membranes are damaged and fail to perform properly.

This results in:

  • Poor cell signaling of the immune system
  • Increased metabolic toxicity
  • Mitochondrial diseases
  • Reduced cellular energy (ATP production)
  • Damaged DNA
  • Poor tissue function
  • Unresponsive hormones (thyroxin, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, leptin, etc.)
  • Increased risk of abnormal cell proliferations
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular concerns 

Meta-Oxy: Here is a quick and easy test that measures malondialdehyde in the urine. Toxic adlehydes are released into the bloodstream when fats, including cell membranes, are oxidized. The kidneys excrete them in the urine. 

Thus Meta-Oxy is a general measure of cell membrane damage due to free radical peroxidation of lipids.

Just follow the instructions:

Pipette some urine into the vial and look for it to turn a shade of magenta. The darker the magenta color, the more cellular damage occurring.

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