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Multipolar Magnets-EMF Protection (SKU: 5556)Multipolar Magnets-EMF Protection (SKU: 5556)Click image to receive 6 magnet discount. Multi Polar Magnets work to help protect you from the electromagnetic radiation that permeates our lives. This credit card sized magnet can increase circulation and helps relieve chronic pain including: headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, aches and pains, tennis elbow, strained muscle problems, bruises, and Arthritis. 2 5/8" X 2"
Original Braided Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ (SKU: LCCopperRing)Original Braided Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ (SKU: LCCopperRing)Are you concerned about the contaminants in your water...Fluoride and Chlorine? The Copper Ring is used to purify your water and food and protection from EMF's, and Geopathic Radiation. 
Cellphone Protection (SKU: SCT101)Cellphone Protection (SKU: SCT101)Click image to receive quantity discount. The Safe Cell Tab is a device which attaches to your cell phone and reduces the emission level of electromagnetic radiation. It converts the electromagnetic energy into low level infrared energy, drastically reducing the harmful effects.
Quantum Companion EMF Protector (SKU: 193437)Quantum Companion EMF Protector (SKU: 193437)The Quantum Companion Looks like a pager, creates a mobile zone of comfort and clarity around you so you can get more done all day long, every day. Air travelers find it saves them from jet lag. Shoppers say it makes them immune to fatigue, irritability, discord and unclear thinking that can slow you down in the mall.

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Multi-Polar Magnets For Health's Sake ..Read This!

Multipolar MagnetMagnets work by helping to balance our electromagnetic field, but not just any magnet will do. I suggest using a multipolar magnet, which is magnetized with many north-seeking and south-seeking poles arranged in a grid pattern. (Most magnets, like the ones on your refrigerator, are magnetized with just one north-seeking and one south-seeking pole), by Dr. David Ramaley

Man has launched dozens and dozens of satellites into space that now are bombarding the earth with radio waves. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. 
As the comings and goings of these many signals punch through our planet's magnetic field, and ours, little or no thought is given to possible consequences for us. 

Research shows electrical pollution is killing us. They fear overhead power lines, air wave communication, florescent lights, computers, and even hair dryers and other electrical appliances are affecting our health and energy.The potentially harmful electromagnetic field set up by alternating currents, (A.C. electricity, which runs all of our electrical appliances), interferes with our own energy field and nervous system, which is direct current. Our electro-magnetic energy is life itself. 

Many people feel weak, have headaches, or just feel generally ill when they work in front of computers or under florescent lights. They may never feel as good as they would like to. It may be this electromagnetic pollution causing these feelings.

Test for yourself. Stand and put your arm straight out in front of you. Have someone push down on your arm and see how strong it is. Then turn on a hand-held hair dryer and hold it next to your body. Or stand close in front of a computer or television that is turned on and test again. You'll probably find your arm gets completely weak. This is what is happening to your whole body when your normal energy (electrical) field is being bombarded day in and day out by these electric alternating currents. 

Even though we cannot do away with all of these abnormal bombardments, we can protect ourselves. A simple multi-polar magnet, no bigger than a credit card, energizes our energy field to protect us. You try it. Put this card in your shirt pocket. Now re-test with the hair dryer near you or while in front of a computer or television. You'll see yourself stay stronger. You may also have more energy and generally feel better with continual use. 

The Multi-polar Magnets are also used for pain reduction by placing it over the painful area and leaving it on the area until the pain is gone. If it doesn't help, move it to the exact same place on the opposite side of the body, which has to do with the acupuncture meridians of the body.

Multi-polar magnets will many times relieve chronic pain e.g.: headaches, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, strained muscles, bruises, arthritis, old injuries, back pain or spinal problems. Some of these conditions are caused by frequent electro-magnetic bombardments where our energy field weakens or becomes irritated, allowing symptoms, etc. Have you ever wondered why the old manual typewriters didn't cause carpal tunnel and the new easy-to-push electric computer keyboards are causing so many problems? The most common surgery is for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The earth is a giant magnet with a north and south pole. Researchers tell us it previously was 4 gauss (a unit of magnet strength). Now the earth's magnetic influence is only 1/2 gauss, according to some researchers, due to atomic bombs, etc. We are 1 gauss and are, therefore, literally being drained. There exists, with life's electromagnetic energy in our bodies, a delicate balance.

When the north pole energy is weakened, the arterial blood becomes more acidic. The normal pH of the arterial blood is 7.40 +/- .05. Viruses, parasites, and other pathogenic organisms proliferate or grow in an acidic environment. North pole magnetic energy raises the pH of the blood, making it more alkaline, thus possibly eliminating or reducing the overgrowth of disease causing organisms.

 William Philpott, MD, also a Clinical Ecologist and a Psychiatrist, in his book, "New Hope for Physical and Emotional Illness, states many human diseases and discomforts are an imbalance of the north pole and south pole energy in each cell!

Philpot has demonstrated that our energy field is our first line of defense, even before our immune system. So, it is very important to preserve or upgrade our energy field to protect us. You may have heard of a multi-level company promoting magnetic beds, etc. These pocket sized multi-polar magnets work on the same principle, yet are much less expensive.

Remove the plastic coating from the shiny side. This multi-polar magnet is placedcloth-side against your body. It takes only one card. Place in the pocket of your shirt or pants or a sock. Some ladies even place it in their bra to have it next to their body. Most people wear it all day. Some feel they need more energy and find that placing several under their beds, (the mattress pad) helps them at night. 

We recommend people to wear this all the time they are working with computers, etc. Our preference is to wear it 24/7. You can place a multi-polar magnet inside a sock and wear it while sleeping.  You can wear the multi-polar magnet on the solar plexus area...above or below the navel. Experiment with the location, feeling which gives most balance for your body. For this location a hole must be drilled at the top of the multi-polar magnet. If you prefer to wear it hanging, we will drill a small hole in the Multi-polar magnet. Please call to let us know.

Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 2"

If you have any questions please call anytime.

Robin Powell 

Placement of Multi-Polar Magnet for Circuit Breaker Box:

Multipolar Magnet at top of Breaker Box

  • Open your circuit breaker box door and place one Multi-polar Magnet at the top. Place the magnet above the switches, (with the shiny side facing towards you), the clothside of the magnet will be facing the breaker box. Refer to photo at left. 
  • The circuit breaker box is usually located in your garage. In an apartment the circuit breaker box is located inside the apartment.





Placement of 2 Multi-Polar Magnets for Your Computer:

  • Place one Multi-polar Magnet with the shiny side facing up, on the top of the transformer (black plastic box) located at the end of your DSL modem cord.
  • Multipolar Magnet on top of transformer of printer
Place another Multi-polar Magnet with the shiny facing side up, on the top of the transformer (black plastic box) located at the end of your printer cord. Refer to photo at left.
      Try using the multi-polar magnet for helping specific organs by working with a Reflexology Chart and placing on an area where there is pain. Click here for the reflexology chart.

      Robin Powell, the owner of Golden Illumination, located the article above and below on the internet in May 2008. Robin was searching for a product to protect her and  her customers from the tremendous electromagnetic field radiation. Robin's new home in 2006. had several electrical poles which had transformers on them, (gray buckets) in the back of her home. This location was different from her previous location. Robin felt enormous discomfort and pain, and identified this with the electromagnetic field radiation symptoms she had experienced in homes before. Robin was able to feel relief within 30 minutes after wearing the Multi-polar Magnet on her body! What a Miracle! It is four years later, 3/2012 and Robin wears the Multi-polar Magnet 24/7. She continues to feel free from the symptoms of electromagnetic field radiation. 

      Cell Phones on the Brain
      by Dr. David Ramaley

      I don't need to go into the reasons why I like my cell phone, as they are probably the same as yours. This would also hold true for my dislikes. There is another side to cell phones, however, that I see on a daily basis in our practice and that are creating a subtle but significant change in our health. It is my opinion (supported by several recent studies) that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) emitted from cell phones are disrupting our endocrine, neurological and cellular functions.

      I have documented numerous cases in which cell phone use has disrupted someone's health. One such instance concerns a patient whom I had been seeing for several years for occasional back pain. Last year, she came in when she had not menstruated for several months. She had seen her gynecologist, determined that she was not pregnant and did not have any other apparent problems. Upon further questioning, I found out that she had a new job that required her to be on her cell phone for at least 90 - 120 minutes per day. We determined through applied kinesiology (muscle testing) that when she placed the cell phone near her body, a strong muscle that I had been pushing against went extremely limp. This indicated that prolonged cell phone exposure most likely was creating the imbalance in her hormonal regulation.

      Magnets work by helping to balance our electromagnetic field, but not just any magnet will do. I suggest using a multipolar magnet, which is magnetized with many north-seeking and south-seeking poles arranged in a grid pattern. (Most magnets, like the ones on your refrigerator, are magnetized with just one north-seeking and one south-seeking pole.) I also had her use a cell phone EMF inhibitor. This is a very thin mechanism that blocks the electromagnetic effects of the cell phone. Thirdly, I had her wear an earpiece so that the phone would be at least six inches to two feet from her head. Within one week, her period returned, and her menstrual cycle has been normal since.

      In another case, a male software engineer whom I had seen for quite some time came to me complaining that he had experienced almost constant headaches for about two months but had been in good health prior to this. He had recently increased his cell phone usage to at least two hours per day. Again, we determined that his cell phone was the culprit. I also had him wear a magnet, use an EMF inhibitor on his phone and keep the phone at least two feet away from his head. His headaches were gone after two days. He tells me that whenever he stops wearing the magnet, his headaches return.

      While the research is not vast on this subject, there is a good article in Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 111, number 7, June 2003. It describes an experiment in which the authors separated 32 rats into four groups. The first group had no exposure to EMF's. The other three groups were exposed to different strengths of cell phone signals over a period of 50 days. At the end of the experiment, the authors found that the blood-brain barrier that exists to protect the brain was actually damaged, which allowed a protein called albumin to leak into the brain. The greater the exposure, the more damage that was incurred. The albumin damaged the neurons in the brain and created dark spots. The authors concluded that while this may not create an immediate life-or-death situation, over time it could potentially affect the brain's health by killing neurons that are needed for proper brain function.

      So, will I give up my cell phone? Never. But here is what I do to protect myself:

      Wear a multipolar magnet at all times. The magnet helps protect against EMF's from cell phones as well as other electrical devices. Use an EMF inhibitor tab that can be placed easily on your phone. I have tested dozens of products that are reputed to block EMF's, and found one company's product that seems to perform the best at a very reasonable price. They have conducted studies that demonstrate that their device blocks EMF transmission....Safe Cell Tab.

      Keep the cell phone away from your head — this is paramount. Any earpiece that you can buy that allows you to keep your phone away from your head (thereby reducing your exposure) will do.

      Clearly, cell phones are not going to go away and will only proliferate. Follow the three steps above, and you will have a happier brain.


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