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The Edge Effect

Book Overview... Read The Edge Effect!
unique brain chemistry (the combination of the neurotransmitters Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Gaba, and Serotonin) controls how you think, feel, and behave.These deficiencies are the direct causes of many medical problems. Achieve total health and longevity with the balanced brain advantage. 

A proven program to reverse and prevent aging that will be a must-have for all “baby boomers,” by a leading figure in the medical field and a frequent guest on national TV.

This could be as close to a fountain of youth as mankind will ever come, the truly scientific answer to how to reverse or prevent the debilitating effects of aging, including memory loss, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and Alzheimer’s by balancing the four major neurotransmitters.

Dr. Eric Braverman, a leading figure in the practice of brain-body health care, reveals the dramatic impact that proper brain nourishment can have on the quality of our lives. His key to longevity and well-being is balancing the brain’s four important neurotransmitters. A simple test determines which of the four is dominant in you, and what you can do to maintain the right balance, by modifying your diet with both foods and natural supplements. Proven effective for thousands of patients in Dr. Braverman’s practice, this groundbreaking approach will help anyone make the most of his or her life, free of the major illnesses (such as cancer and heart disease) and minor ailments as well.

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A Thief is Lurking in Your Coffee...
Are You Getting Enough Nutrition?

The economy may be down, but according a New York Times article, vitamin sales are up! In a time when people are scrambling to save a penny, many of us are realizing the importance of our health during these stressful times. Since health insurance is becoming more expensive, more Americans are shifting to “prevention” mode, taking their health into their own hands. This is a good thing, but only an educated consumer can make the best choice for their health.

Why is it that in a country where obesity and over-eating is a major problem, many are still not getting the nutrition that they need? One reason is stress. Stress depletes our bodies of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and the B vitamins. This is why we feel fatigued when faced with stress.

Many people reach for a cup of coffee when they are tired, but coffee snatches more of these vitamins, as well as potassium from our bodies. Add sugar and you lose chromium, magnesium and even more C’s and B’s. Even medication designed to help us, are suspects in crime – aspirin walks away with phosphorus and more vitamin C. Are you on birth control pills? Subtract even more vitamins A, B and Cs. With the string of festive holidays during these coming seasons, that bottle of wine may make you feel merry – but watch out! Excessive alcoholic drinking could be the greatest robber of all – taking many nutrients, especially the stress-relieving B vitamins.

It is no wonder well-informed people are reaching for effective supplements. Golden Illumination's Brain Formulas can help to replace what’s been stolen. Try these well-formulated brain lobe supplements to replenish your health.

Recommended Supplements

Replenish your health with a Multivitamin

Try Brain Calm, which may increase your GABA levels and help to alleviate anxiety and stress. Click here to order.

Dopamine is derived from the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine.

Acetylcholine is derived from the B-vitamin choline.

Gaba is derived from the amino acid glutamine.

Serotonin is derived from the amino acid tryptophan.

What symptom do you experience in your day...less energy, pain-Brain Energy Formula, less memory-Brain Memory Formula, anxiety-Brain Calm Formula, insomnia, depression-Brain Mood Formula.

Take the Dr. Braverman's Brain Quiz below to discover which lobe is deficient. Then purchase the brain formula for that specific lobe.

Dr. Eric Braverman, the author of the "The Edge Effect," has answers for you about neurotransmitters, antidepressants, depression, and serotonin.

Dr. Eric Braverman graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brandeis University and graduated with honor's from NYU Medical School. He is one of the foremost experts in Integrative Medicine, and recognizes the brain’s global impact on illness and health. He has published over 100 research papers and abstracts, and is the author of seven books on vitamins, supplements and alternative medicine. In addition to maintaining a private medical practice, Dr. Braverman is Director of the PATH Foundation, a nonprofit research organization established to collect and analyze information concerning the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all aspects of brain biochemical disorders.

Please take the Dr. Eric Braverman Brain Deficiency Quiz below. Here you can learn which brain lobe is deficient and then purchase the brain formula for that deficiency. So extremely important!

Click here for most recent article "Treat Your Brain Well"


Brain Deficiency Quiz - Why Take It?
Your unique brain chemistry (the combination of the neurotransmitters
acetylcholine, dopamine, GABA, and serotonin) controls how you think,
feel, and behave. These deficiencies are the direct causes of many
medical problems.

Knowing how to restore deficiencies or imbalances is the way to begin
regaining your health. The results of this quiz will show you which
neurotransmitters you are deficient in, and how to correct it using
supplements. By addressing your deficiencies you will be on the path
to a healthier, younger you.

In each category below write down the TRUE statements only.
Total the amount of True statements in each category.

I. DOPAMINE- Brain Energy & Brain Energy Support Plus
1. I crave sugar. T / F
2. I have decreased libido. T / F
3. I sleep too much. T / F
4. I have a history of alcohol or addiction. T / F
5. I have recently felt worn out for no apparent reason. T / F
6. I sometimes experience total exhaustion without even exerting myself. T / F
7. I have always battled weight problems. T / F
8. I have little motivation for sexual experiences. T / F
9. I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. T / F
10. I have had a craving for cocaine, amphetamines, or Ecstasy. T / F
Total # of ‘T’ responses  _____

1. I have insomnia. T / F
2. I have lost muscle tone. T / F
3. I don't exercise any more. T / F
4. I crave fatty foods. T / F
5. I have experimented with hallucinogenics, LSD, or other illicit drugs. T / F
6. I feel like my body is falling apart. T / F
7. I can't breathe easily. T / F
8. I have difficulty remembering names when I first meet people. T / F
9. I don’t feel buoyant. T / F
10. I have noticed my memory ability is decreasing. T / F
Total # of ‘T’ responses _____

III. GABA-Brain Calm
1. I feel shaky. T / F
2. I have frequent backaches and/or headaches. T / F
3. I tend to have shortness of breath. T / F
4. I tend to have heart palpitations. T / F
5. I tend to have cold hands. T / F
6. I sometimes sweat too much. T / F
7. I am sometimes dizzy. T / F
8. I am often nervous. T / F
9. I often feel fatigued even when I have had a good night's sleep. T / F
10. I overeat. T / F
Total # of ‘T’ responses  _____

1) I have night sweats. T / F
2) I always awake early in the morning. T / F
3) I can’t relax. T / F
4) I wake up at least two times per night. T / F
5) It is difficult for me to fall back asleep when I am awakened. T / F
6) I crave salt. T / F
7) I have less energy to exercise. T/F
8) I am sad. T/F
9) I tend to sleep in many different positions in order to feel comfortable. T / F
10) I have insomnia. T / F
Total # of ‘T’ responses _____

1. Total “T” Responses: Dopamine Deficiency _____
2. Total “T” Responses: Acetylcholine Deficiency _____
3. Total “T” Responses: GABA Deficiency _____
4. Total “T” Responses: Serotonin Deficiency _____

Circle the highest number of the 4 above. This is your most deficient nature, and is the one which is most likely to lead to illness. Often, you burn out your edge just by being yourself. For example, if you are GABA deficient it is likely that you are a dopamine nature, these types often push themselves too hard at work and burn out their edge.

Any category with between 3 and 5 true statements is considered a minor deficiency. Any category with between 6 and 8 true statements is considered a moderate deficiency. If you have more than 8 true statements in any one category, it is considered a major deficiency and you need to get help immediately.

Minor deficits are the early warning signs of health problems. If ignored, they will eventually lead to more serious deficiencies, ultimately affecting your dominant nature.
If you fell into the moderate deficit range, you probably have already sought medical treatment for any number of ailments.

Minor and moderate deficits can be treated without medications and usually respond to a combination of natural/nutritional supplements, hormonal and life-style changes.
Major deficits warrant medical treatment and should be addressed immediately. These deficits are treated as diseases, i.e. Parkinson’s disease, severe mood disorders, high blood pressure, memory loss, seizure disorder, depression, etc. These conditions most likely require medications: nutritional, hormonal and/or life-style changes will not be adequate in addressing these problems. If you experience any of these symptoms or
illnesses, it is important to consult your doctor and get immediate treatment.
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