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SMART Meters  ̶  May Not Be So Smart
Utility companies across the nation and around the world are installing SMART meters to measure electrical, water, and gas usage.  The electric meters are 1 watt radio stations that transmit to the utility to measure how much electricity is being used for billing purposes.

With these meters going on every home and business, it is adding exponentially to the electromagnetic smog that we are already being subjected to.  These additional wireless devices are adding to the electromagnetic smog contaminating our communities.Those who are more sensitive to  toxins have been the first to develop illnesses.These individuals most likely were already at their maximum overload of toxins, so when the SMART meters were installed in their neighborhoods they were not able to tolerate the additional assault.

Electromagnetic fields are just as toxic to the body as a poisonous chemical. They react together as the blood cells are corrupted and cannot carry as much oxygen as they should.The tight junction cells in the blood-brain barrier and in the gut leak, causing damage throughout the body.

Multipolar Magnets-EMF Protection (SKU: 5556)Multipolar Magnets-EMF Protection (SKU: 5556)Click image to receive 6 magnet discount. Multi Polar Magnets work to help protect you from the electromagnetic radiation that permeates our lives. This credit card sized magnet can increase circulation and helps relieve chronic pain including: headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, aches and pains, tennis elbow, strained muscle problems, bruises, and Arthritis. 2 5/8" X 2"


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