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1500PA BioSmart™ Breathe Easy Edition

1500PA BioSmart™ Breathe Easy Edition

1500PA BioSmart™ Breathe Easy Edition
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The new improved proprietary heating chamber features a 300% increase in the copper surface area, insulating ceramic liners, ultra quiet powerful fan, and larger, more efficient 120 volt quartz far infrared elements enhanced to a 30,000 hour lifespan. This combination produces efficient infrared energy that can heat up to a 1,000 sq. ft.

Dual power settings and fan speeds provide greater versatility and noise reduction. The BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition is now even more compact for portability. The thermostat is accurate to 1 degree and can be calibrated to match the house thermostat.

Electronic features include a delay start timer, an automatic re-start feature in case of a power outage, a thermostat programmable in 1 degree increments, a LED temperature display, and a full function remote control.

BioSmart® 5-Stage Air Filtration System

Designed to provide effective protection against airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens, VOCs, smoke, odors, and gaseous contaminants utilizing our patented 5-stage air filtration system:

  • Lifetime Passive Electrostatic Pre-Filter
   traps dust and other particulate
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Emitter
   kills airborne viruses, bacteria and micro organisms
  • TiO2 Photo-Catalyst Hydroxyl Radicals
    more effective and safer than ozone at destroying contaminants and hydrocarbons
  • Negative Ion Generator
    neutralizes free-radicals & has numerous health benefits
  • Solid Hydrophobic Carbon Gas Absorption Filter (optional)
  • absorbs smoke, gaseous contaminants and VOCs

Breathe Easy (PA) Specifications

  • Cabinet: ABS940V0 fire retardant plastic -- Black with Faux Wood trim
  • Air Purification: Four Stage with optional 5th Stage
  • Power Settings: 1500 Watt (high) / 750 Watt (low)
  • Heat Output: 6,800 BTU infrared heat
  • Thermostat: Electronic Digital with a 3 probe sensor, Range: 37-86 degrees F
  • Emitter Life Expectancy: 30,000 hours each
  • Warranty: 3-Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 14”x13.5”x16.5” (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 120 Volt AC 
  • Power Consumption: High-12.5 Amps, 1500 Watts; Low-6.5Amps, 750Watts
  • Power Cord: 6ft, 14 gauge
  • Safety Cut-Off: Yes
  • Heat Type: Therapeutic Far-Infrared Heat
  • Heat Chamber: 3 Copper-Ion generation panels with additional negative ion generator
  • Heating Elements: 4-115 Volt quartz infrared emitters
  • Pre-Filter: Life-time electrostatic
  • Fan System: Dual Speed, high-output, ball bearing laminar-flow fan
  • Fan Noise Level: 28 dB low speed / 42dB high speed
  • Listed Approvals: cTUVus International UL/CSA equivalent)
  • Delayed Start Function: Up to 24hrs
  • Remote Control: Credit Card Style - Large button surface
  • Auto Restart: Automatically restarts after a power outage
  • Power Requirements: 110 Volt AC, 1500 Watt

Installation is easy. Simply plug the BioSmart® Infrared Heater into a 110 Volt grounded outlet and start saving!

Three-Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews: 5.0
Little PowerhousesRobin,
The far infrared heaters (portable) produce heat like no other source. Every square inch of an area is heated including surfaces of furniture and walls and therefore heat that is produced is held longer and the heater doesn’t have to work full time. The heat is so pleasant…it is like walking into a cloud of warmth…and the machine itself is quiet and barely noticeable. I bought 2 heaters several years ago and needed to upgrade, so I ordered my two new ones in advance of this coming winter. I had given one of my old ones to a friend and still have the original heater in the beautiful walnut cabinet. Using these portable heaters has reduced the actual “heat” bill from natural gas by about 1/3, which means they pay for themselves in one winter alone. The most wonderful thing though is the technology. There is no other feeling like infrared heat…I have tried them all. At some point, I will probably consider the “in wall” models.
Even though I am not looking forward to winter, it will be made so comforting with these little powerhouses quietly purring, one on each floor of the house.
Even though I am not looking forward to winter, it will be made so comforting with these little powerhouses quietly purring, one on each floor of the house.
Written by Cathy on Thu 13 Nov 2014 1:38:19 AM GMT
Best Heat for Your Home"We are so thankful to own the 1500PA Far Infrared Heater. In May of 2013 we relocated to Minnesota. Now in October, our new home is a good comfortable temperature. The heater perfectly keeps the temperature at a cozy 72 degrees. The second story of the home is also warm and toasty. Since 2008, we have heated our homes only with Far Infrared Energy and have 2 units for when the temperature goes below what one unit can handle. The cleaniest air you could ever breathe." Written by Robin Powell on Mon 21 Oct 2013 1:25:54 AM GMT
Incredible Product!I have recently purchased a new 1500PA heater. I had a model from 2008. The difference of the newer model is far superior. We additionally purchased the air purification filter. Now, the air quality in the home is incredible! I highly recommend this heater for every home. Written by Robin Powell on Tue 12 Mar 2013 7:23:11 AM GMT
The BEST Heat!We purchased our first Bio Smart heater in 10/2008.
It is now 10/ 2011 and we are using it! We would never go back to furnace heat. Great product great company. We are warm and cozy from the ceiling to the floor in all our rooms.
Written by Robin Powell on Sun 9 Oct 2011 8:34:16 AM GMT
Loves Heater!Yes, my friend in PortTownsend has used the heater and loves it -- he was freezing before without any heat. Written by Steph on Fri 29 Oct 2010 4:57:42 AM GMT
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