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Wand-Energize & Purify Water Out of Stock

Wand-Energize & Purify Water Out of Stock

Wand-Energize & Purify Water Out of Stock
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Are you concerned about contaminants in your water...Fluoride and Chlorine? Our Wand is used to purify drinking water using proven techniques of quantum mechanics.
The Wand clears a glass or a gallon of liquid in a very short period of time. Delicious tasting and helps to energize you. So fantastic! Water tastes GREAT!

The water you DRINK, and BATHE in will be softer, smoother, ENERGIZED, and more relaxing.

Place the Wand on the main cold water line coming into the house, apartment, RV or a well.

Beyond affordable and important for everyone on the planet!

Q. What are the contents of the Wand?
A. The Wand contains highly rated and electrically charged natural paramagnetic soil. It also contains a crystal in one end (marked by a "+"). The casing is made out of pure copper and fastened together with non-toxic / lead free solder.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Amazing Delicious Water!We have been using the wand for over 2 weeks. My skin is soft and not dry. The water tastes so good! A friend came up to me and said, "You look so bright and clear what are you doing?" I was so happy to hear this from her and told her it is the water I am drinking from the Wand that we installed a few weeks ago. This water is delicious, affordable, refreshing, vitalizing, and so healthy for the body. So important for everyone! Written by Robin on Mon 4 Oct 2010 5:30:30 AM GMT
Beyond Amazing!I have never seen anything like this! I took all my filtration off my water systems to see what the Pi Wand would do to my drinking and showering water. Totally amazing and beyond affordable! My drinking water is energizing, and delicious! Showering in this water is fantastic. Soft hair and skin. WOW! I am so deeply thankful to market this product. The Pi Wand has the potential to change the water on the planet. Written by Robin Powell on Sat 25 Sep 2010 5:40:03 AM GMT
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