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Shower Filter/Copper Ring Neutralize Fluoride (SKU: PSF-1)Shower Filter/Copper Ring Neutralize Fluoride (SKU: PSF-1)
Shower Filter (SKU: PSF-2)Shower Filter (SKU: PSF-2)
Shower Filter/Copper Ring/Wand Neutralize Fluoride (SKU: PSF-1Wand)Shower Filter/Copper Ring/Wand Neutralize Fluoride (SKU: PSF-1Wand)
Shower Filter/ Wand/ No Ring (SKU: PSF-1WandNORING)Shower Filter/ Wand/ No Ring (SKU: PSF-1WandNORING)
Shower Filter Replacement (SKU: PSF-1R)Shower Filter Replacement (SKU: PSF-1R)This filter fits the PSF-1 shower filter

One of the most important things we can do is protect ourselves from the immediate and long-term damaging effects dangerous chemicals such as chlorine in our water. Start today by enjoying the many health benefits, including softer hair and skin, with the Golden Illumination's Premium Shower Filter! 

Shower Filter Replacement Scent Pk (SKU: PSF-SB-3)Shower Filter Replacement Scent Pk (SKU: PSF-SB-3)(3-Pack) Aromatherapy Scent Bars

Turn your shower into a true "Spa Experience". The scent bar infuses the atmosphere with a revitalizing "fragrance burst". This aroma promotes deep-breathing to relieve the feeling of tension and enhances the shower or bathing experience to another level.

Shower Wand (SKU: PSF-W)Shower Wand (SKU: PSF-W)

5-Foot, energy-savings shower massage 
This premium shower wand features a 9-jet adjustable turbo massage that easily rotates from a gentle needle spray to a forceful jet. As the stream is non-aerated, the showerhead experiences less temperature loss -- translating to maximum energy savings! 5-Foot, energy-savings shower massage wand 

Shower Head-Dual Flow (SKU: PSF-SH)Shower Head-Dual Flow (SKU: PSF-SH)

Dual-Flow Shower Head

This revolutionary dual flow shower head features your choice of 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) or a water/energy saving 2.0gpm. This unique feature allows the user(s) to choose their favorite setting with a twist. The 2.0gpm will also save thousands of gallons of water and not to mention it will save you $72.00 per year in energy and water savings.
Original Braided Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ (SKU: LCCopperRing)Original Braided Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ (SKU: LCCopperRing)Are you concerned about the contaminants in your water...Fluoride and Chlorine? The Copper Ring is used to purify your water and food and protection from EMF's, and Geopathic Radiation. 
We feel so awesome knowing that we have a shower filter for our water after hearing about all of the contaminants that are in the water these days….in particular fluoride and chlorine that are added to the water. My daughter who usually always takes a bath now just wants to take showers! Personally I find it’s really a joy to take a shower now. I find the shower head is so soothing and the scent it gives off helps wake me up in the morning. I love this company and all it is doing to offer products that help us live healthy lives. Thank you! View other testimonials belowWritten by Michelle on Wed 21 Aug 2013 7:53:30 PM GMT
Shower Filter/Copper Ring Neutralize Fluoride

Shower Filter/Copper Ring Neutralize Fluoride

Shower Filter/Copper Ring Neutralize Fluoride
Shower Filter/Wand/Copper RingShower WandShower Scent Blocks Pk of 3Shower Filter ReplacementSave money with our dual-flow headShower Filter Aromatherapy Bar3-Stages of FiltrationCopper RingCopper Ring Hanging From Bath FaucetCopper Ring Hanging From Sink
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Would you like to revitalize your shower experience?
You can with our shower filter and 

Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ .
Experience the refreshed and energized feeling after showering! 

I am always revitalized after showering with this shower filter. 
Truly amazing!
Robin Powell-Owner of Golden Illumination

It's time to reduce the harmful chlorine, algae, bacteria, fungus, mold, and other pathogens, and neutralize fluoride in your shower water with our state of the art shower filter. The most advanced filter on the market!
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  • The testing on file with the KDF fluid treatment labs proved the filter lasted 30,000 gallons
  • Max Flow Rate: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
  • Our shower filter is BPA Free,
  • Removes over 96% of chlorine, Filters Chlorine, Chloramines and other synthetic chemicals
  • The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory...
    Very important! Click here to view data.

 Shower Filter, and the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ 

  • Neutralize fluoride and any contaminant with the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ - changes the contaminants from negative to positive
  • Provides aromatherapy and lasts 50% longer than the competition, simply the BEST in shower filtration.
  • Help stop aging in your shower: rare volcanic minerals in Stage 3 transform your shower into a healthy hydrating experience
  • Reduces sneezing and coughing caused by inhaling chloroform vapors 
  • Reduces skin dryness, flakiness
  • Relieves rashes, dandruff and irritations caused by chlorine
  • Leaves skin smoother, and hair cleaner, softer and more manageable
  • Stops stinging, burning and itching eyes
  • Reduces fading of color treated hair
  • Requires less shampoo and soap, saving you money
  • Prevents mildew and mold from forming in shower and tub
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from your water
  • Transforms your shower into a spa experience!
  • Maintains shower pressure
  • Patented Design
The Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™...produced from braided, twisted copper wire, 3-3/4 inches in diameter, with it's loop form, changes the quality of water instantaneously. When the ends of the braided Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ are welded together, the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ creates life force energy. This higher vibration, frequency changes the contaminants from negative to positive simply from its energy field.  
Incredible, and so SIMPLE! Feel refreshed and energized after showering.

The Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ is separate from the shower filter. Simply hang the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™  from the shower pipe. 
To secure the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™, we provide the customer with 1 nylon plastic tie wrap. This nylon plastic tie wrap secures the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ to the shower water pipe coming from the shower wall. Hang the Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™ on the bath tub faucet and bath with energized water. Incredible results!

Click here to learn more about the 
Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™.

The standard shower pipe connection size in most homes is 1/2 inch, which means our shower filter system will fit most homes.
Our shower filter system needs minimum height above the shower pipe of 6 1/4 inches.

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3-Stages of Shower Filter Water Filtration- Industry-Leading Technology With Patented Design
Advanced Filter System 

  1. The 3-stage filter system not only filters chlorine, but also uses a unique blend of carbon media to eliminate chloramines that cause unpleasant odors. Unparalleled by other filters, the filter system lowers the surface tension of the water by reducing the number of negative ions. The absence of negative ions in your water supply makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin, leaving you with a feeling of having just left a spa. 

Stage 1 - Copper and Zinc Oxidation Media
Includes a patented blend of media used to filter chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water.
Your hair and skin will enjoy the many benefits of dechlorinated water.
Stage 2 - GAC Carbon Media 
Includes a special blend of steam activated carbon media. This media is designed to filter out chloramines and synthetic chemicals as well as unpleasant odors. Your water will now smell fresh and clean. The carbon is catalytic and includes coconut.
Stage 3 - Far Infrared Balls 
Consists of Far-Infrared emitting rare volcanic media that induces reduced or negative ions into the water. This results in a lower surface tension in the water allowing for better hydration of hair and skin. Changing the surface tension in the water also makes the water feel softer on your hair and skin, leaving you with a feeling of having just left a spa. 
Great Features Include:
  • Dual-flow shower head Switch between high-flow & water conservation
  • Refreshing 'Ocean Breeze' scent bar for relaxing aromatherapy
  • Unique 'up' design
  • Convenient clip for shower accessories
  • Filter lasts 30,000 gallons... The unit has been tested to 30,000 gallons. We recommend it be changed at 15,000 gallons to ensure 100% satisfaction and max efficacy...15,000 gallons or 750 ten minute showers. The testing on file with the KDF fluid treatment labs proved 30,000 gallons.
  • 'Quick Connect' for simple and easy filter change
  • Easy Installation
  • The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory
  • The Original Copper Lost Light-Life Ring™
  • Dual-Flow, Money-Saving Shower Head
  • Works With Shower Caddy
  • Accessories Clip
  • Aromatherapy
  • Easy Filter Change
Depending on water quality, most families can expect 1 year of use before changing. 
Click here to order our replacement filter.

International Customers: If you have metric threading purchase a US NPTF adapter from your hardware store.
The thread needs to be the standard 1/2 inch size then the shower filter will fit fine.
  •  The shower filter if used with a salt system for a softener will not affect the shower filter. The salt is in a dissolved state and should not clog or backup in the filter. It should continue to filter out the chemicals as designed. 

Specs and Product Information
Installed Height:
(From top of filter to shower pipe)
6 1/4"
Width of Shower Filter Body: 3 7/8"
Max Flow Rate: 2.5 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
Eco-Friendly Water-Saving Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM
Operating Pressure:
80 PSI
Operating Temperature:
115 Degrees F
Performance Tested To:
30,000 Gallons
Recommended Filter Change:
Every 9 Months or 15,000 Gallons (For 96% Chlorine Removal)

The Shower Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the reduction of free available chlorine by KDF Fluid Treatment Laboratory.
Click here for data sheet.

Golden Illumination's 1-Year Warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Golden Illumination warrants to the end user ("customer") that the PSF-1 shower filter system will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1 year from date of delivery. No warranty is made with respect to defects or damaged due to neglect, misuse, alterations, accident, misapplication, physical damage, installation on water quality outside guidelines for system or damaged caused by fire, acts of God, or freezing.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 22 reviews: 5.0 Showing: 5 of 22 Show All
Awesome ProductI bought 3 of these shower filters for me and my family. I installed all 3 of them in 30 mins , extremely easy set up. But most important the product is AWESOME. You can really feel the difference when you shower with this filter. Automatically when i dried my hair off my hair was way more softer and feels great. Skin has been feeling softer and has actually been clearing up. I have been using this for only about 2 weeks. My family notices how more refreshed they feel without the chlorine and harsh flouride. You can taste the difference with the water as well. I can really go on about this guys. I recommend this to everyone. Customer service was awesome and very informative. Really cant go wrong with this guys. One of the best things i have bought this year. Written by Victor on Thu 20 Aug 2015 2:38:11 AM GMT
Awesome product Awesome LadyExtremely satisfied and happy with the shower filter!!! was very easy to install only took me a couple minutes and I've never had such a refreshing shower!! my skin already feels better after a couple days using it! I was charged an extra 40 dollars for a customs charge and Robin was nice enough to pay for the charge as i didn't have any money left! Truly a genuine lady who actually cares about her customers and runs a great site :) thanks so much! Written by Anthony Farrell on Wed 22 Jul 2015 11:48:08 PM GMT
Great News!Hello Robin! I have been meaning to thank you for your kind gift that came along with my package. As I informed you, I had been visually diagnosed, by two separate sets of "doctors" eyeballs, with a benign Lipoma on my back that was causing great pain {Which in itself is an oxymoron} What I didn't mention is that I started working with The Solfeggio {WAV format} and focusing the sound/vibration to the "inflamed" area. When your package arrived I immediately began taking the supplement and about a week and a half later after taking the them and healing with this special sound format of The Solfeggio at least once a day, I went in for an MRI. When the images came back, I'm talking X-Rays here, not eyeballs, they found NO Lipoma...been in physical therapy since and feel great. Incredible shower filter as well! 5 stars! Thank you for your kindness. Written by zeropointrebel on Mon 9 Mar 2015 10:36:14 PM GMT
Dream come trueThis shower filter works like a charm. I bought mine on the 8th of February and after only a week I am totally dazzled by how my skin has responded. I've noticed that I no longer have dry, itchy skin after taking a bath. My skin feels soft, natural and energized every single time, but I also feel more alert and focused as well. I'm surprisingly impressed (and energized). Written by Frantzky on Sun 15 Feb 2015 11:43:25 PM GMT
Great Product!My experience with the copper ring shower filter has been nothing short of GREAT! I was a bit skeptical at first about the claims but after trying it, I noticed the difference right away. The shower leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.. There is no longer any foul or chlorine smell in the shower and I can tell my skin appreciates the quality water it's now receiving. Before, my skin would be so dry and flaky, my eyes would be blood shot red after shower from all the chlorine and other contaminants in the water. I would also feel so dazed and out of it from inhaling all the chlorine vapors. Luckily that's now the past so I would recommend this product to just about everyone because it is just AMAZING, and for only $125, is certainly worth it when considering one's health. Written by Derron on Wed 11 Feb 2015 10:16:49 PM GMT
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Are you concerned about your water?

FACT: The U.S. Council on Environmental Quality reports, "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than for people drinking water without chlorine."

FACT: The EPA warns, 1 in 13 Americans are exposed to dangerous levels of radon, found in drinking water, and 1 in 5 are drinking water that contains dangerous levels of lead.

FACT: Cryptosporidium, a pathogenic waterborn microorganism unaffected by chlorine, is found in 85% of all surface water sources (lakes, reservoirs & rivers), approximately 25% of all filtered finish waters, and has also been identified in private well water.

FACT: Former EPA Administrator, Carol Browner, concluded, "We can no longer take for granted that our drinking water is safe all the time." 

Click here to read "Why is Fluoride in your drinking water?"

Click here to read "How safe is your tap water, really?"


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